III-V semiconductor nanowires (vertical)

Our group is interested in the growth and application of III-V nanowires grown with metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) on silicon, graphene, TMDC, etc. for heterogeneous integration. In stark contrast to thin-film growth, semiconductor nanowires are amenable to direct and high quality heteroepitaxial crystal growth of materials with highly mismatched lattice constants and coefficients of thermal expansion. Our group has developed three different methods for the growth of high performance III-V nanowires (direct epitaxy, van der Waals epitaxy, and seeded-VLS epitaxy), characterized the III-V and substrate interface, and demonstrated nanowire-based solar cell devices.

van der Waals Epitaxy of III-V Nanowires on Graphene and TMDC

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Vertical III-V nanowire growth with MOCVD: direct VS epitaxy

Vertical III-V nanowire growth with MOCVD: van der Waals epitaxy

Vertical III-V nanowire growth with MOCVD: seeded-VLS epitaxy