• Patent Portfolio I: Metal-assisted chemical etching (MacEtch)
    1. Metal-assisted chemical etching porous silicon formation method (US 6,790,785, awarded 09/14/2004). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Paul W. Bohn, Jonathan V. Sweedler
    2. Metal-assisted chemical etching to produce porous group III-V materials (US 6,762,134, awarded 07/13/2004). Inventors: Paul W. Bohn, Xiuling Li, Jonathan V. Sweedler, Ilesanmi Adesida
    3. Method of forming Nanoscale Three Dimensional Patterns in a Porous Material (US 8,586,843, awarded 07/16/2013). Inventors: Xiuling Li, David N. Ruzic, Ik Su Chun, Edmond K. C. Chow, Randolph E. Flauta
    4. Metal-assisted chemical etching to produce III-V semiconductor nanostructures (US 8,951,430, awarded 02/10/2015). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Matthew T. Dejarld, Jae Cheol Shin, Winston Chern
    5. Method of forming an array of high aspect ratio semiconductor nanostructures (US 8,980,656, awarded 03/17/2015). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Nicholas X. Fang, Placid M. Ferreira, Winston Chern, Ik Su Chun, Keng Hao Hsu
    6. Apparatus and Method for Magnetic-Field Guided Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching (US 9,704,951, awarded 07/11/2017). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Weidong Zhou, and Wen Huang
    7. Self-anchored Catalyst Metal-assisted chemical Etching (US 10,134,599, awarded 07/30/2018). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Jeongdong Kim, Lingyu Kong, Munho Kim
    8. Catalyst-Assisted Chemical Etching with a Vapor-Phase Etchant (US 15/712,498, awarded 02/28/2019). Inventors: Xiuling Li and Jeongdong Kim
    9. Optoelectronic device including a buried metal grating for extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) (US 15/200,345, awarded 03/25/2019). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Daniel Wasserman, and Xiang Zhao
  • Patent Portfolio II: Strain-induced self-rolled-up membranes (S-RUMs)
    1. Rolled-up transformer structure for a radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) (US 8,941,460, awarded 01/27/2015). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Wen Huang
    2. Rolled-up inductor structure for a radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) (US 9,224,532, awarded 10/26/2015). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Placid M. Ferreira, Wen Huang, Xin Yu
    3. Rolled-up transmission line structure for a radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) (US 9,018,050, awarded 04/28/2015). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Wen Huang
    4. Tubular Resonant Filter and Method of Making a Tubular Resonant Filter (US 15/092,979, awarded 03/01/2018). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Moyang Li, and Wen Huang
    5. Rolled-up power inductor and array of rolled-up power inductors for on-chip applications (US 15,704,262, allowed 03/2019). Inventors: Xiuling Li and Wen Huang
    6. Helical antenna and method of modulating the performance of a wireless communications device (Patent number: 15/408,893, awarded 4/30/2019). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Wen Huang, and Paul J. Froeter
  • Portfolio III: Nanowires
    1. Method of fabricating a planar semiconductor nanowire (US 8,810,009, awarded 08/19/2014). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Seth A. Fortuna
    2. Field effect transistor structure comprising a stack of vertically separated channel nanowires (US 13,896,537, awarded 10/26/2015). Inventors: Xiuling Li, Yi Song